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The MEHARI method is available in 4 formats:

1) EXPERT 2016 (selon ISO 27002:2013)

Version française

English version


Version française

3) PRO 2012

Version française

3) STANDARD 2017

Version française


To implement the method: Please read the risk analysis and treatment guide and the services reference manual before starting, to ensure you understand fully and then choose from :

1) the excel spreadsheet provided free of charge

2) l’assistant Méhari, a paid software created by Gilles Gouin : https://www.max2g.com/software/home-am/

3) RiskManager, a paid software created by EGERIE : http://www.egerie-software.com/RiskManager/


Or follow this MindManager suggesting a step in 4 phases and this process describing each activity.

Lastly, there are international experts that can help you and provide training for you through the MEHARI LinkedIn group : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3147109


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